Charis, Romania; Saturday 29th October

We were without internet access for a couple of days, however, that doesn’t mean we’ve been inactive!

After much digging, shovelling, mixing, bending, stretching and wielding of paintbrushes we seem to have completed the tasks which God and Dani set before us. There are now concrete paths all around the building, two completed porches above external doorways, a pathway of 37 slabs and 21 expertly and beautifully painted 6′x6′ panels….we think Dani is very happy…he was caught singing yesterday! And all finished by lunchtime.

We had a time to relax playing Catan, which Edith won (some achievement as none of us really knew how to play) and ping pong.

In the evening we spent time with Dani and Mona’s home group.  We heard from a couple who are travelling to Papua New Guinea, in January with Wycliffe, to spread God’s word. After our meal, Abi then spent the next hour teaching everyone how to ‘face swap’ using her phone with some very interesting results! They are available on request.

Today we are having a guided tour of Oradea which we are all looking forward to.

Gods blessings to you all

The Charis Team

Charis, Romania; Wednesday 26th October

Today we went back to Dumbrava and although it’s always an emotional visit, it’s also immensely encouraging to see the constant improvements in the living conditions there…even if socially, there are isn’t any additional support!

We began by going to a new house in Tinca where there are 3 residences and where we were able to distribute the gifts donated by you all, plus the muffins we’d baked yesterday…it was such a privilege to see how such a small thing cheered so many of them…lots of hugging and hand kissing…but for some of us it was a particular joy to see Monica, one of the residents we’d met twice before…now much calmer and living away from the residents with mental health issues and delighted with the twiddle muff we gave her…one of those knitted by Karen (Kelvin’s wife) and her friend.

We moved on to Dumbrava and Viorel, the lovely Christian man who set up the residences, spent some time with us, explaining how God gave him the vision for the place and how it had grown. They are in the process of bringing together another house in Tinca.

Unfortunately it was raining all of the time we were there, so the residents were almost all in their rooms making conversation difficult, but we hope that our visit gave them some pleasure.

On our way home we stopped to shop and bought Mona a food mixer, the archaic hand blender which was her only electric appliance had made those of us who’d baked realise that something from the 21st century would be helpful…she was very happy!

Tomorrow we are back to work here at Charis, such great progress has been made though that Dani may have to find more for us to do…

Charis, Romania; Tuesday 25th October

Everyone is weary after another day of hard work  but have a real sense of achievement.  Nearly all of the paths have been completed and there is roofing on one of the porches.  It has been decided that we are powered by Jesus and instructed by Dani!  So much work has been done that we have run of cement.

The ladies baked over 100 muffins (and sampled for quality control) and over 80 have been individually bagged to be handed out tomorrow at Dumbrava along with our gifts of toiletries.

We would like to thank all the people who have contacted us with their best wishes and prayers. Please could you pray for Mona who is not very well but is soldiering on still providing us with delicious meals.

From all at Charis

Charis, Romania; Sunday 23rd October

We all arrived yesterday safe and sound and settled in with Mona and Dani looking after us very well, as usual. Good food!

Today we visited a gypsy community in a town called Batar joining them for their morning service (it was good but very loud!). Afterwards we were joined by the children of the community and Abi told them the story of Noah and we sung them “Mister Noah Built an Ark” with actions. Mike and Edith did a great job showing the children the actions to the song and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves (so did the children). We then quizzed them on the story with sweets as prizes which went down very well. Lastly we shared a lunch with the children and some of the younger ones showed us around the village. They were very welcoming and cheerful.

Tomorrow we are beginning our work at Charis making some paths and painting. The men, and Abi, are fighting over who gets to use the concrete mixer. We will let you know who wins.

That is it for now, God Bless to you all from Romania

Tanzania – Saturday 24th October

Here is the latest from Stephen:

I visited St Luke’s School again today, providing them the last of the goodies I was holding onto – a netball, some tennis balls and Frisbee’s, but more importantly pencils and rubbers. The exam students were immediately issued two pencils and an eraser, with the other students getting a new pencil each. The school literally operates by borrowing text books from other schools in the town, and the classrooms are proved by the Compassion project! I may return to St Luke’s on Saturday morning to see the Compassion Project (invitation has been extended by the Director – Steve). Meanwhile Sylvester will arrange for some of the colouring pencils and pens we brought out to be taken over to the school.

He went to the 6am service at church yesterday with Jacob, an early service due to the elections. All seems to be peaceful where he is. He now has company from the UK, Linda who is Treasurer for the Rochester Diocesan Overseas Partnership has been in Kondoa for a week. They are meeting with the District Commissioner this morning and joining Jacob and Mwezwa for dinner. Tomorrow they do the long drive to Dar Es Salaam. It’s his birthday, and he flies home at 23.59! Hope he doesn’t turn into Cinderella, or the airplane into a pumpkin!